Saturday, September 10, 2022

Saturday Sounds

Well, hello, you!  How's your morning?  

Coffee's making mine better.  It hasn't been bad.  Good can always be better, though.

There will be football, today.  The smell of grilled meat will waft through the air.  Roads will clear and go quiet about game time.

I sold T-shirts outside of Bryant-Denny Stadium and Legion Field back in the late 80s.  That was before the upper decks at Denny.  Even then, though, the sound from inside the stadium was awe-inspiring.  

When a big play developed, the ground vibrated.  Tens of thousands cheering in unison.  All other sound stopped.  You couldn't hear the car horns, anymore.  The little transistor radio with John Forney's voice telling me what was happening inside seemed to go silent as it was overpowered by that sound.  

I'd been inside the stadium, before.  And I'd be inside after they added seats for tens of thousands more.  There's just something about that sound outside of the stadium, when the lag from the broadcast hasn't let you know what's about to happen, and the world seems to explode.

Years have taken away a bit of the desire to drive that far for a ball game.  Youth doesn't mind being cramped in a vehicle.  I've done it enough, already.

I'll tune in on the TV, though.  

Well, the coffee mug is empty.  Time for a refill.  Have a great day and Roll Tide!