Friday, May 11, 2018

My MBTI Instrument

INFP.  That's what I get most of the time when I take those personality tests.  The first one I took was at work.  My employer offered it as a type of personal improvement benefit.  Or something.

INTJ.  That's what I get some of the time.  The numbers are apparently pretty close.  The IN part stays the same.

Introverted Intuitive... Yup, I can't say I disagree.  The FP part surprises me a bit. I see myself as more logical than 'feeling'.

The numbers swing when I've been around someone who is either F or P, though.  I become more TJ.  There must be some kind of subconscious compensation.  Or maybe the Myers-Briggs tests are just scored a little differently and a single answer pushes back over the line.

The tests are always followed by some self-improvement advice.  "If you're an INFP you should blah blah blah..."  Sounds like a horoscope.

Jungian anecdotal observations.  That's what they say is behind it.  Wikipedia'd it.

There may be something to it, though. if you wanna read more about my type for some reason.  I won't judge.