Saturday, January 30, 2016

Time Off

Having a few days off to do the things you've been putting off usually doesn't work out. This week has been no exception. Tractor repair, fence stringing, and other varied tasks were scheduled. Not all were accomplished.

The clutch disc ordered from the internet was not the one delivered. This fact wasn't noticed until after breaking the old tractor apart and trying to re-assemble it with the new one installed. The failure to couple was only noticed just a few bolts away from completion of the task.

Fence work went well, for a while. The chainsaw started and ran well. Hedges cut like butter and the chain remained on the saw for the whole job, no small feat for the little Homelite. A perfect path was cleared for the fence. The sun shone brightly on the lack of fencing materials all day, yet the dearth remained unnoticed until too late to be remedied.

Now, A broken-in-half tractor sits motionless in the garage, an unfinished fencing project dashes the hedge-row. Had it not been for a few times when the ball bounced the right way, the week might as well have been spent in bed. Thankfully, due to a trip to the guitar store, the week was not a total loss.

A new guitar adorns the blog, now. It replaces the retiring SG, which served faithfully for years. After an attempt at purchasing a guitar online went awry last year (which has also prompted a boycott of Gibson merchandise), a shiny new Charvel Desolation sits atop the banner.

The model has active EMG pickups, locking tuners and a bevy of features that this fiddle picker probably lacks the skill to utilize. The sonic range is very versatile, and the mahogany wood makes it sing like an angel or a demon, whichever you prefer. It is also gorgeous. The finish has provoked a few inappropriate touches, already.

Desolation is a good name. It lays waste guitars 10 times its price point. After playing the Charvel, one wonders why anyone would ever go back to the clunky old Gibson.

A short pause reveals many words typed already. Time to stop the clicketty-clacking of the keys and break forth to the bed. Good-night and good-bye, sweet week off from work... I hardly knew thee.

Monday, January 04, 2016

When Youth and Blood are Warmer

Just because your years grow doesn't mean you have to get older. Yes, there are some things that pass with the wisdom that age brings... or that should pass... (Such as a belief that socialism could ever possibly work in the real world,) but your ability to find things new again doesn't have to pass. All things should be capable of being made new to you.

Yes, passion is more intense in youth. Everything seems as though it is of such a great importance that it spikes the levels in your emotional state. That's the hormones talking.

Age brings level-headedness, but it doesn't have to end your passion. Some of us wish we could have had more level-headedness in our youth. Maybe some better decisions would have been made. Maybe not. Some of us feel just as passionately about things we've actually had a chance to reason-out.

The cold winds are blowing again. Tired bones may ache, but the mind still works feverishly. The heat warms the soul and brings the rush of lustful youth.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I write for one person...

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Starry Eyed: Forced Awake... in 3D, no less!

Soldiers killing whole towns in search of a couple of rebels and their droid. This droid has some data the bad guys want BAD. A girl is captured by the bad guys, is questioned, but is able to resist for some unknown reason. Maybe she's someone's daughter?

Well, someone unexpected is someone's father, that's for sure.

Star Wars VII in 3D. The 3D was much better than the abomination I watched in the theater when they re-made Phantom Menace in 3D. My eyes were glued to the screen. The effects were superb. I found myself looking around the screen at all the detail; you could see the dirt on the windshields of the space craft and tell how far away it was from the interior.

The acting was a little better than standard Star Wars affect. The dialogue didn't seem so forced, but there were moments. The dialogue seemed to be written better. The actors weren't forced to deliver all of the information in the movie in direct fashion, like some bad anime.

The Lucas-era light-heartedness seemed to be replaced by a humor that was a little darker. There was very little physical comedy. I was kind of surprised Disney took it down the dark road. I guess it was because the dark-side managed to wrestle itself into dominance again.

Planetary explosions... multiple planets! Sinister sounding men with processed voice box growls and a fiery light-saber to match fiery personalities. Betrayal... Traitors...

Will the rebels thwart the tyrannical evil which has perched itself upon the high throne of power? There is a hope... an OLD hope. But if that fails... is there another?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy Turtle Island Genocide Day

Will E.T. be in the new Star Wars?

I am feeling particularly nihilistic, tonight...

And Random.

Sleep well, humanity.

Or not.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Weather and Sloth

I took a week-long stay-cation to try and get some things accomplished around the house. Mostly things that require being out in the yard. Of course it would rain. All week.

So, here I sit. I have accomplished very little. Mostly things I can do when I'm not on vacation.

Maybe I'll get some of it done before Monday.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Who am I?

When Stacy Bridges asks the nameless man Clint Eastwood plays in High Plains Drifter, "Who are you?", it makes me ask myself that same question: Who am I? I think I'm more the person on this blog than the person you meet when you meet me for the first time. I'm probably more the person on this blog than the person you know if you've known me for a while.

I think it's because there is always a sort of body language conversation going on when you are there talking with someone in the flesh that doesn't come into play in text. Your body language will change, sometimes, if you are nervous or distracted and make the words you say seem to mean something completely different than what you intended. The text is just the text... there is no looking down, bouncing your leg, looking around or other things that might make a person misunderstand what you are saying.

Eastwood's character's body language is direct and unaffected. It's as if the essence of the dead Marshall has just materialized in the town to correct the wrongs. Stacy Bridges, played by Geoffrey Lewis (one of my favorite character players of all time) is all body language and façade, until the last seconds of his life, when he asks, "Who are you?"

That's who he was all along: a scared, insecure man who mistreated and bossed everyone around to prove he was what he believed he wasn't. He needed to have a blog.