Sunday, September 14, 2014

Just Because You're Paranoid...

Every once in a while I get the feeling that I should be way more suspicious of everything.  Then I realize I'm just hungry.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

ASMR in the NYT

Some years ago, I noticed that the way some people speak makes me almost impossibly sleepy.  The first time I put two and two together was when Carl Sagan's Cosmos was on TV.  I always tried to stay up to watch it, but the minute Sagan began speaking, his delivery put me right out.

About a year ago, when Netflix stopped carrying Sagan's Cosmos, I started looking for other videos or audio for relaxation.  The first thing I tried was listening to scientific lectures or documentaries.  It wasn't the same.  Sometimes it worked, but not always.  So I just searched for 'soft spoken intellectual monologues' and got a Youtube hit for something called ASMR.

 ASMR, or auto sensory meridian response, has become a small phenomenon, led, in no small part, by an 'ASMRtist' who goes by the nom de guerre, "Gentle Whispering".  I rarely remain conscious through her videos, but one I recently saw kept me up. 

The New York Times covered ASMR, and Gentle Whispering did a video about it:

I must admit that I have been hesitant to post about ASMR.  It has now hit the mainstream. That makes it ok, right?  lol.  I've watched a lot of ASMR, and only a few put me to sleep very well. Gentle Whispering is one of, if not the best, IMHO.
EDIT: If you aren't familiar with Cosmos, try this little intro:

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


There is no way I've been on this earth for 40 years!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Still Finding RP People

I recently went back to work at the chemical plant where I've spent close to half of my life and pretty much all of my working life. Today, I was working with a guy that up until the last few days I hadn't seen in years.  As I was putting on a climbing harness, I saw a little circle on his hard hat. Sure enough... it said, "RON PAUL". I have a few stickers just like it.

I struck up a conversation about it and he told me he had been a RP supporter since '88. He also told me there was another guy in my new area of the plant who was a RP supporter. Turns out he was a guy I've known for years, too!

I left the plant in '09 and hadn't really seen those guys, other than the occasional 'howdy' around the site since the 90s or early 2000s. The first guy even said he voted for Badnarik, Sophocleus, and several other liberty minded candidates that I also voted for, back in the day.  He went on to say he was fed up with voting and leaning towards not voting anymore, just like myself and many other people who have grown tired of the corruption and dishonesty within the system.

I guess it could go without saying that it was a very pleasant surprise and lets me know I'm working around some pretty smart people.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Electric Pow Wow Drum

A few years ago, while researching the story, I watched this clip about the hearing-impaired Native American man who was murdered by a police officer as he carved a piece of wood. Terrible story. However, it introduced me to a DJ outfit by the name of A Tribe Called Red. I readily and gladly admit I'm not really into dance music but all day I've had this tune of theirs in my head from where it now adamantly refuses to leave:

They call the style 'powowstep'. The best part is the 'drop', which is sampled traditional singing.

Facebook Commenters

People who feel it is their duty to continuously comment on others' Facebook posts are, I'm convinced, the same kind of people who think they've had some sort of epiphany when they finally get a joke, proceeding, then, in a uniquely vague and condescending tone, to explain it for everyone else who, ironically, got the joke long before this person self-spiritedly offered an explanation. Unbelievably, there will still be those who think our commenter is a genius for explaining the joke. The affirmation these commenters give the prolific and incongruously supercilious commenter only serves to rabidly fuel the pitiful, deluded commentary.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We Change

I believe what I believe, today.  That's all I know to say.  I don't know of anyone, no matter how unchanging they seem to be, that has not changed something they believe since I have known them.  Maybe there are some things they would never change, say a core belief or set of beliefs, but we, all of us, are changing... constantly.

Every new piece of information we obtain changes us slightly.  You can't remain unchanged, no matter how hard you try.  Your mind wraps itself around new ideas and morphs your current beliefs to fit. 

Much like the process that alters the way we pronounce words, our ideas and beliefs change, as well.  Time takes away small particles of thought and tell us the thoughts are the same; they are not.  There is a slight difference, that, through repeated generation of the thought, erodes it into a completely different thought.  Still, we think we are thinking the same thing we thought all those thoughts ago.  We're not.  We're saying a word that sounds nothing like it did... and it makes no sense, though we believe it does.

No matter how closed minded you try to be, the electrons spinning and whirring around the atoms in your brain change you.  They open you up, unwillingly, to new thoughts and ideas.  Even the most brainwashed person is changed by time and the laws of physics.

We see patterns in everything, and, while the laws governing the construction of those patterns hold firm for what may seem an eternity, the patterns change.  The point of observation changes.  The frame holding it all together may change.  It may all collapse and be subject to new laws which may have always existed but have never been called on to present themselves.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Property Clips

A few quick cuts from some clips taken on my property over the last couple of years:

It's amazing how quickly those little pine trees grew!