Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas to All!

...and to all, a good night.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Tonewah shared an article Chart: many asteroids are worth quintillions of do..

I wonder how much it would cost to actually mine them...

Chart: many asteroids are worth quintillions of dollars each


The asteroid belt holds untold wealth for the prospectors who can reach and mine them. Wired UK just published an interesting chart of select asteroids valued between 1 and 27 quintillion dollars each. (more…)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cooling Off

Days are getting shorter. The temperature is dropping lower, night by night. This has been a perfect week for laying out of work. Did I accomplish all of the things I set out to do while off? Not by a longshot... but I can procrastinate and feel good doing it in this temperate weather.

In honor of this temperate week, I am not going to write a word concerning the race for POTUS. Why ruin a good week with politics? I am going to have a good meal, enjoy some sort of relaxing activities this evening, and retire to my bed without a care in the world.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Gotta Go Somewhere!

I've decided I'm going to travel, again. The bug has always resided, deep in my brain, to wander. I need to further explore this world. Though I've been on the other side of it already, I'd like to see as much of it as I can, and keep going until I'm satisfied that I have no need to see anymore.

Maybe there will be sightseeing... maybe just experiencing what it's like to be somewhere different when the sun sets. Stargaze a different field. Feel the temperature differences in other seas. Satiate this lust for eating what someone else eats for supper every night for the first time.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Julian Age: 14

Added another year to the total. Two weeks ago, Thursday. It feels like only a few weeks since many childhood memories were created, but it also feels like its been a long time.

I don't FEEL my age, though. I feel young... well, until I miss a night's sleep.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Coo-Coo for Republicrats (or Dempublicans)

It is so strange, these days, listening to supporters of the duopoly argue. The dialogue always revolves around which one of their candidates is worse. It's never about how good that person would be for the job... quite the contrary: it's always about how BAD the other person is or was at the job.

It's like listening to gang members. There is no real logic to the argument. Some of them hang on to color or letter loyalty; they'll always vote for that person with the R beside their name... or written in the BLUE box. The other color or letter is automatically worse.

I feel like I'm watching some sort of psychiatric experiment...

Yeah... this goes beyond superstition and into the realm of psychosis.

Monday, June 06, 2016

From Here to Freedom

Say you no longer buy into a state-based system, or a system at all... how do you propose to get from the heavy-handed state system we currently live under to the freedom of no state? What institutions, if any, would have to exist for this to come about? Could this be done without great loss of the very life, liberty and property we seek to protect?

How does humanity get from here to freedom?

What steps must we take? There are those suggesting people simply remove themselves from the system. This doesn't seem like it would be very easy. Some suggest dismantling the system from within. This seems even less likely.

The system is set up to force you to participate. Maybe it wasn't originally, in all cases, but all authority will seek absolute power, as we now know. Every country has a system. The system is now designed to make it nearly impossible to be free from its influence. Attempts to break the grasp of the system result in direct violation of life, liberty and property. How do we free ourselves from this influence?

Should we accept that natural rights must be violated in order that the threats to them are removed? This seems counter-intuitive. Can freedom be obtained without risk? Nothing good comes without some risk to someone.

There would have to be some form of justice for violations of natural rights. Mob justice must be avoided, as it is often wrong and brutal. Paid private juries seem to almost imply impropriety, although it would probably be as good as what we have now in actual practice. Where you'll run into trouble, most likely, is in the interpretation of what is an actual violation of your life, liberty or property. If someone violates your life by killing you, if you have no one to stand and call for the jury, you'd be basically fair game. There would have to be some sort of common law not currently accepted to be in place.

Please excuse my ignorance. This is just a stream of consciousness post, so please excuse the lack of any actual form, as well. The mind searches itself at times when there is little time for preparing a proper course of action to engage in writing cohesively. Rarely is this time available for blogging, anyway.

After searching for an outline for this kind of transition, the mind is left with many questions, and a desire to posit them. There seem to be many saying, "This is the way it needs to be," without actually pointing out how to get there. That's where we need to start. What are the points on the grid that need to be plotted first to establish the plane upon which we wish to exist? Are we to just assume that the points will fill themselves in?