Thursday, March 05, 2015

24 Hours in Selma

It was 80 degrees outside 24 hours ago, and now it's friggin' snowing... proving the old saying: If you don't like the weather in Alabama, just wait 24 hours.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Jeff Bridges ASMR?

Did I see a Jeff Bridges ASMR advertisement on TV during the Super Bowl?  I heard something about sleep tapes from him on the radio a day or so before... is that what he is doing?  ASMR?  Not exactly Bob Ross or Carl Sagan, but it's... interesting.

Check it out here: Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes

Friday, January 09, 2015


The wonderful irony of communication is that those best at it seek a condition wherein it is utterly useless.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Blanking Christmas

Once again, the air is full of cookie smells and tinsel reflections.  The decorations have been hung for a month or more, now, and the time is nigh for Christmas.  Oh, boy.

You probably didn't get the sarcasm in that, "Oh, Boy."  Maybe you did.  It doesn't matter.

The decorations seem duller this year; they seem to be getting duller each year.  These eyes have seen 40 Christmases, so they might just be getting over it.  Or maybe they just physically see duller, now.  More likely, Christmas is just getting cheaper, and thereby duller.

It's probably not very dull for the little kids getting some of their first Christmas presents, though, so age probably has something to do with it.

Nevertheless, sitting here at 9pm, 2 days away from Christmas, this heart just doesn't seem to be beating any quicker with excitement than it was 6 months ago.  The tree is decorated, as usual, though it's lights have only been lit once or twice this year.  There are presents underneath.  Quite a few of them, all for others. 

None to shake and guess about.  That's the first time that though has crossed my mind in a long time... Over a decade, most likely. 

Gah... could this little post be more depressing? 

Let's try.  So, Christ was born around 2000 years ago.  Not on the day we celebrate Christmas; we just borrowed that day.  None of this crap is in the Bible.  As a matter of fact, the Bible warns about celebrating stuff like this.

Who cares though, right?  It's tradition.  Makes the kids happy.  Makes the parents happy to see the kids happy.  Makes the stores happy to sell stuff.  Makes the government happy to collect taxes on that stuff.  Everyone wins.

Yup, that was sarcasm, too.  Sorry, I'm just in a Grinchy mood.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

No Reward in Conformity

What is the reward for conforming?  There has to be a reward, right?  Acceptance?  Is that the reward?  Nah.  No matter how hard you try, you'll always be dissimilar enough to someone to not be accepted.  Conformity is a never-ending chase with no real reward.

None of us are normal.  There is no example of the average person, yet we all aspire to be average.  If we are too much of one thing or another, we're not going to conform.  For this reason, we tend to hide and forget the things that are interesting about ourselves. 

There isn't a real reward for conforming, because you can't achieve conformity.  It's a false hope.  It's a hope in something you probably shouldn't hope for in the first place.

Cut off the TV and ignore what everyone is blabbering about online.  Before you know it, you'll find yourself interested in things that truly inspire you.  You'll find yourself being motivated to do things you never would have given a chance when you were still caught up in the mediocre.  That in and of itself is a reward, and you might even achieve greater rewards as you excel in your interests.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Mark Bodenhausen has Passed

I first met him about a dozen years ago at an LP supper club meeting. He showed up with a video where he absolutely destroyed Ken Guin on the subject of ballot access in a debate on APT. It was awesome and helped get me fired up about liberty.

I hate to think of how hard someone will have to work to fill Mark Bodenhousen's shoes in the liberty movement.

Although he was older than I, he was a fairly young man. He suffered a stroke just days after his newly built house burned.  Mark was recently married and his wife has been left with the burden of his medical and other expenses.  An email from Mike Rster contained this link for helping the family in this tragic time.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

The More they Change, the More they Stay the Same

Majority for the GOP in Congress, now. Don't be surprised if they don't do any of the things they promised. Just like Obama didn't for the Democrats, and every other lying politician before them.

Twain was right, it is so much easier to convince the people of a lie than to convince them they've been fooled. Two-party system... HA! How is that supposed to be a good thing, anyway? I've blogged about the warnings from long ago about party loyalty, but with only two it is SO MUCH WORSE. With two, you are only choosing the other side of the same coin no matter what you choose. Yet, people refuse to see that they are being duped. If you try to tell them, they strongly react, sometimes violently.

I didn't vote, Tuesday. After reading the ballot measures and seeing who was running for what, I decided I didn't want to qualify the bogus junk with my vote. Usually, I will vote for a couple, and write-in the rest with people from the area I think would do a good job. That's just an exercise in futility, I now recognize.

The ballot measures are so bogus. They make you vote on something that shouldn't be voted on. They way they are worded, you feel like you're voting for something you want if you vote yes, but the result is the opposite; by voting on the strategically worded amendment, you are weakening the very ideal you are trying to support.

I won't even comment on the quality of candidates.

What is so bad about letting everyone run who wants to run? Too many names on the ballot? Then re-do the stupid ballots! Which is more important, saving a few cents on ballots, or giving the people the freedom to vote however they want? Apparently, it isn't really about the ballot space, but about controlling the names on it.

Why do we have to have these ridiculous scan-tron-esque ballots that are so easily manipulated? What is wrong with just an otherwise blank piece of paper with a number printed twice on it? They could be scanned in and recorded, pulled up by anyone on the internet... you pull your number off your ballot an look up to make sure your vote was counted the way you voted... Pretty damn easy.

Sorry, I digress...

If you expect some sort of real direction change after these elections, don't hold your breath. Yes, there will be the made-for-tv cosmetic changes, and the few polarizing issues... but the main things will stay the same. We will continue incrementally moving towards a totalitarian, authoritarian state.