Friday, November 05, 2021

Jumbled Letters of Irresponsibility

The Alphabet Soup is rotten.  Time to throw it out.  You want a useful acronym?  TANSTAAFL.

Centralized leviathan tentacles lash out at everything.  They never hit intended targets, and the time frame is always comically, or tragically, late.  Why do we tolerate this?

Are there so many people who are that lazy, or detached from reality, that they don't see something needs to be done about this?  Yeah, it's easier, in the short term to pretend nothing is happening and that you don't have to do anything about it.  In the long run, though, you'll bear far greater consequences.

Thirty trillion dollars... that's not an imaginary number.  If you took all the wealth from Jeff Bezos AND Elon Musk, the two richest people on the planet, you still couldn't cover the interest on that debt...  Not even the interest!  Untenable is a real word, too.

Unless people take responsibility and affect some change with the people they allow to govern them, far more people will suffer due to the consequences of fiscal abuse than any environmental change.  People are growing more food, creating more for the betterment of humanity, than ever.  There is no reason for any shortages.  Governments have killed more people than any drought or natural famine, and in a much shorter period of time.  Without dramatically limiting their power, they're guaranteed to do so, again.

Seriously.  Do a cost-benefit analysis.  Do something, and potentially better the world.  Do nothing and you'll get another acronym: TEOTWAWKI.