Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Georgia: An Analogy

I have an analogy for the USA-Georgia-Russia conflict. It's not exact, but I think it makes a pretty good point. Basically, you just swap Russia for the USA and Mexico for Georgia.

Russia sends anti-terrorist trainers to Mexico to train Mexican soldiers. Numerous Russian special forces begin moving into Mexico. A year later, a coup places a Russian-educated man into the Mexican presidency. New elections are held and the Russian-trained president wins by a landslide. They then agree to do joint military exercises in a Mexican province right outside of California to prepare Mexico to for an 'Immediate Response'. The DAY AFTER the exercise ends, Mexico launches an attack on Americans living in Baja. We respond by sending US troops into Baja to stop the slaughter. Russia then accuses us of invading a small, poor country with very little self-defense. Putin is quoted saying, "This will not stand. America must leave Mexico NOW!"

Where the analogy falls short is primarily that Baja, Mexico has no desire to become a part of the USA, whereas South Ossetia has passed numerous referendums declaring their desire to re-join Russia, as 90% of their population are ethnic Russians.

Still, I think it's interesting to put the shoe on the other foot. Other than 9-11, the continental US hasn't been anywhere close to violence since the Civil War. Thinking of how close South Ossetia is to Russia makes their response seem a little less incomprehensible.

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