Thursday, August 14, 2008

12 Year Old Girl Escapes Georgian Aggression - Calls Fox News Out


What about the 1000+ US Soldiers stationed in Georgia at the Vaziani Military Base?(1) It was bombed last weekend. Are OUR SOLDIERS OK? Tell me FOX NEWS, where are our soldiers and why were they even there? There's no al quaeda in Georgia, no radical fudamentalist islamists, because there are NO MUSLIMS in Georgia!

Tell us FOX NEWS, what was 'Operation Immediate Response'(2) that ended on August 7th, the day before Georgia attempted to retake South Ossetia? Why were 1000+ UNITED STATES soldiers marching in lock-step with Georgian soldiers only THE DAY BEFORE THIS BEGAN?


Are you too 'Fair and Balanced' to report the NEWS?

There isn't a trustworthy major news network, anymore. If I hadn't read about our troops being in Georgia in a STARS and STRIPES article, the US Military's OWN NEWSPAPER, I wouldn't even have a clue how our soldiers are doing in Georgia, even though the STARS and STRIPES article(3) was very vague and didn't even report on whether or not any of our soldiers had been injured or killed, even though the base where they were stationed was bombed.




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Blogger Don said... reports that Operation Immediate Response which the 1,000 US military members were in Georgia for ended on August 7, so I would assume they have already returned to their home stations, leaving just the 127 US military trainers in Georgia. I believe supports my assumption and also says, “Regarding the military personnel, EUCOM stated that they are not engaged in the conflict and are removed from where the fighting is happening.” tells a bit about what the mission of the 1,000 was (and is on an annual basis) in Georgia. See also

7:37 AM  
Blogger Tonewah said...

Great links, Don.

BUT, why would you assume they had returned to their duty stations? I saw no report whatsoever of this. Stars and Stripes reported that they were still in country as of August 12th.

As you probably know, we've had troops in Georgia since 2002.

Why did we have 'trianers' there? One article calls them 'military advisors'. I heard a report on the radio last Friday that stated we might have as many as 9,000 troops still in Georgia.

We have no obligation to Georgia. We have no alliance that our Senators or Representatives voted on. Why are our soldiers there?

Our President sends forces to other countries to raise armies of the indigenous people to do his bidding. Isn't this what empires do?

Our media has let us down. They're not worried about our troops, because they don't care. All they care about is ratings, and keeping the FCC off their back by making the administration happy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

(This is Don trying to see if I can get my comment posted as Anonymous. At the bottom of the page it still says, "Done, but with errors on page." and when I put my cursor on PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT that changes to "javascript:void(0)".)

I assume the 1,000 troops returned to their duty stations because the mission they were on in Georgia had ended on the 7th of August. When I was in the military and went on TDY missions, as soon as we completed our mission we returned to our home base rather than sitting idle.

For many years the US military has sent trainers, or advisors, to almost any friendly nation that requested we help train its military. When I was in Libya at Wheelus AFB there were US trainers working with King Idris’ army and navy. The same goes for when I was stationed at Incirlik AB at Adana, Turkey. When I was on a secretive assignment in civilian clothing on a diplomatic passport in Tehran, Iran there were several hundred, if not thousands, of uniformed US advisors working with the Shah’s military.

The Stars and Stripes article you cited may have meant that our advisors were still in Georgia on the 12th of August.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Tonewah said...

Sorry you're having problems commenting, Don. I don't know what the problem could be, other than blogger having a glitch.

I guess I'm just looking for a media outlet to say, "1,000 American troops left Georgia on the 7th of August, after weeks of training Georgian troops during Operation Immediate Response."

You know what I mean? They could just SAY it. How hard would that be? It seems they don't want to acknowledge that our troops were there, even IF they left prior to the Russian retaliation.

I guess we could ASSUME they left, but you know what happens when we assume...

8:22 AM  

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