Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Centers Not Holding

These days, you can't really dig too deeply into anything.  If you do, you'll be disappointed.  There's no foundation.  Everything is facade.

That's kind of always been the case with pop-culture stuff.  Not so much, though, with the nuts and bolts of reality.  Now, everything seems to be held together with papier-mache. 

It's got something to do with the move away from fact-based logic.  To an extent, things have always been judged on popularity.  However, there were certain things that, as humanity progressed away from the communal cesspool, were fact-based and accepted.  Not philosophical things, tangible things.

It's always okay to question things.  Anything factual should be able to withstand scrutiny.  But when something is discounted just because it doesn't look right or conflicts with opinions, anything built to that standard will inevitable fall apart.