Monday, November 23, 2020

Now We're Cookin'

The old exposed-coil electric cooktop is gone from the kitchen.  A shiny new ceramic cooktop has taken its place.  Looks and cooks better.

It also doesn't threaten to burn my house down.  While removing the old cooktop, I discovered that the wiring had been exposed to so much grease and other substances over the last 60+ years that the insulation was rotting off.  One day I would've gone to boil some water and burned the house down.

The coils and bad wiring are now at the dump.  I sort of wish I'd kept the thing, as those old coils have graced the kitchen as long as the kitchen has been there.  I just wouldn't want someone to find the thing in the future and burn their house down, though.  

Here's the new one, happily in place, ready to cook my food.  Not that I cook that much.  Just good to know I won't start a fire when I do.

Should've taken pictures of the rotten wires. They were so terrible that I just wanted them gone. The old fiberglass insulation was getting all over my hands and arms, too.