Monday, August 10, 2020

Foxy Morning

What do Monday mornings do that makes the brain forget stuff? Two days should not be long enough to break a routine. Every Monday, though, something gets left out. Whether it be a wallet, a badge, a key or something else, there will be something I have to go back to the house and retrieve.

This morning was no different. At the end of the driveway my vehicle let me know there was no Bluetooth device detected. I'd forgotten my phone.

Instead of turning around in the road and driving back to the house, I put it in reverse and backed up. You wouldn't think that should take very long. My driveway is close to a thousand feet, though, and in the predawn darkness, I had to go slower than anticipated to avoid leaving the driveway, crashing into bushes or going out across the yard... driving a little erratically and turning sharply here and there.

A quick trip into the house and all was well again. Down the driveway I sped... when suddenly, from a bush, a red fox emerged. I've seen him a few times. He usually scampers quickly into a nearby bush or thicket. Today, though, he must've thought I was playing a game. He bucked and jumped for several seconds before lighting out across the yard.