Saturday, October 26, 2019


Trusting your own judgement is a key component to making decisions in life. In some areas, I trust myself fully. In others, not so much.

For some reason, throughout my life, people have asked for assistance in making decisions. It's usually people I'd never expect to think of me. Maybe it's because they know I won't judge them, no matter what call they make, because I really don't know them. Surely it's not because they think I'm good at making decisions.

It doesn't happen as much anymore. Honestly, at one point, it started to become a little taxing. You start to parse your words a little better because you don't want to be to blame when someone makes a bad decision. Then, you worry about everything you say.

Also, as I get older, people around my age have different issues and decisions to make that I don't really have much experience weighing. Still, sometimes that doesn't seem to matter. Maybe they just think that, since I've obviously made bad decisions, I can tell them what not to do.