Thursday, June 06, 2019

Blessent mon Coeur d'une Langueur Monotone

War should never be glorified. People suffer. A lot of innocent people die.

The END of war is another thing. The Longest Day is a movie I'll always watch to the end, even though, at over 3 hours, it wouldn't be too unfair to call it The Longest Movie. It chronicles the day which was the beginning of the end to the worst conflict in the known history of the whole planet.

The movie has the typical cheesy overacting from the day, but the scale is epic. Just about every actor from the day was in it, as well. Sean Connery, John Wayne, and Robert Mitchum, to Eddy Albert, Roddy McDowell and Robert Wagner, everybody got a role.

As long as we have authoritarians wanting to tell everyone what to do, we'll have wars. My favorite part of the movie is the resistance. Those people were guaranteed to die if they failed. They're oppressed but refuse to take it. As long as those people exist, there is always hope. Jean a de longues moustache ...-