Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Townhall with Congressman Artur Davis (D) AL-7

My girlfriend and I went to the townhall meeting with Congressman Davis last night. We were surprised by the low turnout. Of course, we've never been before, either, so no finger-pointing. It IS important to let our Representatives know we're out there, though.

The majority of the meeting was taken up by people bragging on the Congressman. There was about an hour of Q&A. At the start, everyone was somewhat reluctant to ask questions. By the end, everyone was putting their hands up. Sadly, though, every question was a request or inquiry about getting money. There were no policy questions, no questions about actions the Congressman has taken, no questions about his voting record and no questions about anything other than bringing money to Dallas county.

The Congressman began his comments by commending the public education system. Later, he would chastise the public education system for its emphasis on sports over academics, pointing out that education employees celebrated moving up from 47th in the nation to 42nd out of 50. I got mixed messages from his statements on public education.

Davis made statements blaming the faltering economy on the housing crisis. He then blamed the housing crisis on poor fiscal responsibility. He said we needed to educate our young people better about economics to avoid this in the future. I couldn't help but think of the $9 trillion dollar debt Congress has run up. I wanted to ask if a remedial economics and fiscal responsibility course should be required for everyone in Washington, but time ran out for the Q&A before I had my chance.

City council members Venter, Crenshaw and Martin were in attendance, as was DA Michael Jackson.

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