Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Selma Elections

Selma has elected a new Mayor. George Evans won handily over incumbent James Perkins. Perkins lost key allies in the last year or two, and made some political enemies. Some would argue that Perkins was not a very good Mayor, either.

Jean Martin, the Councilwoman from Ward 3 for decades, did not run for her seat, instead opting to run for the council presidency. She was defeated by both Gene Hisel and Dr. Allen. There will be a runoff in October.

There will be many new faces in the Selma city council. Martin's seat will be filled by Dr. Monica Newton. Reid Cain of Ward 2, like Martin, did not run for re-election. Susan Keith will take his seat. Dr. Geraldine Allen also did not run for re-election. Her Ward 4 seat will be decided in the October runoff. Jannie Venter will not return. Her seat will be taken by Corey Bowie. Johnny Leshore is gone, as well. His seat will be taken by B. L. Tucker.

3 incumbents will return: Cecil Williamson, Ward 1; Sam Randolph, Ward 5; and Bennie Crenshaw, Ward 7. Williamson easily held his seat against a former classmate and teacher of mine, Carver Boynton. Randolph won with a large margin, as well. Crenshaw's seat was in danger at one point during the ballot counting but the count turned in her favor, giving her a 13 point margin of victory.

A city council meeting Monday covered the topic of voting irregularities. All possible measures were covered to insure a fair election. The counting of ballots was open to the public, last night, at city hall.

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