Friday, August 24, 2007

Ron Paul '88

In 1988, Ron Paul ran for President, as most people now know. The above video is an interview he gave during his run. In it, he predicts the Soviet Union will go bankrupt and collapse. He was correct. Other than that, the interview could have been filmed yesterday. He still states that there is no need for an IRS, and all the other big government hooey. The last bit, where the interviewer asks him for one sentence answers, he covers a few facts that, until recently, weren't even mainstream concerns.

I only wish the practically free and easy access we have now to the internet had been around back then, so I could have found out someone existed with these ideals. I would have become a Libertarian much, much sooner.

Libertarianism isn't a new concept. It's a return to traditional American values. I was reading an article the other day that said, "Ron Paul has no new ideas to offer. His foreign policy dates back to past Presidents, like George Washington." I like that.