Thursday, August 23, 2007

No Freedom of Speech at American Conservative Daily

I read an article on the American Conservative Daily website the other day that was a feeble effort to trash Dr. Ron Paul's congressional record with some old story about earmarking. I posted, in an attempt to set the record straight, and was almost instantly attacked. I posted again in an attempt to defend myself from the rash of name-calling, and to refute their unfounded claims. What happened? I was banned. Now, I'm unable to defend myself, as they continue to slander me, making libelous statements against my character.

Here is the response I attempted to post, after being banned:

To the administrator:
Why was I banned?
I am simply defending my point of view, which was maligned both by this article, and several commenters. Unlike previous posters, I didn't attempt to 'stir' anything up.

It was stated in earlier comments that some people leave comments and don't come back to defend their point of view. I would gladly lay out my voting platform, if that is what is required to comment on your site. I would like to defend my point of view.

I was not off-topic, nor did I spam or troll.

If all points of view are not allowed on this site, it would be good to have a banner displayed letting potential users know. In this way, we can avoid commenting if only to have our comments banned and attacked without being allowed the benefit of defending ourselves with another comment.

Thank you for your time,

The article is HERE. It's a lame attempt to blame earmarking on Ron Paul.

The comment I was attempting to post when I was banned read as follows:
"lmao... what the heck are you talking about Raygun?

I called no one a liar. If I did, I would have typed the word 'liar'. But I didn't. I didn't even make the implication. I was called a troll, a fool, a lying jerk, an idiot, etc... Come on, now. And you say Dr. Paul's supporters are childish?

Ms. Peacock on August 7, 2007 5:45 pm "This is shameful. I am officially pulling my support of Mr. Paul. This man is no libertarian."

If Ms. Peacock is real, and not just a 'Clue' character, I apologize. I just think it's easy to make the assumption she isn't, with such a patent comment. There are several other comments on here, as well, that seem a little too ready-made.

Fact: Jackson's story was old news. I commented on that.

'bye-bye'? You want me to leave?"

Just because someone puts 'Conservative' on their website, doesn't mean that's really what they are. I think too many people have become conditioned to following the loudest voices, instead of the right voices. I called them out, and they didn't like it. They are very afraid of Dr. Paul. That makes me feel good.

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