Friday, October 28, 2022

Plugging Jealous Tires and Riding with Death

So, my OTHER rear tire went flat on my way to work.  It was fine for about 3/4 of the trip.  The tire pressure light came on.  Seconds later, I knew it was flat, and pulled over.

Just a few minutes later, I was back on the road, running on my donut.  I even made it to work on time.

When I got a chance to look at the flat tire, it had two nails in the same places as the other tire.  One was VERY BIG.  It took two plugs to fill.

I'm guessing it saw the other tire getting worked on.  Maybe it thought all that looked fun.  Maybe it was jealous.

Also, there was another more amusing experience this morning...

The azaleas in front of the house need to be trimmed; they need it badly.  My chainsaw chain has seen better days.  After work one day, Tractor Supply seemed like the place to go to replace it.

Instead of finding my chain, I found a skeleton!  Earlier this week, it got plopped in my passenger's seat and forgotten.  I still haven't gotten the chain.

When I pulled into the gas station, this morning, which is kind of a tight spot, I was worried I got too close to the driver's side of the vehicle on my passenger's side. As I pumped gas, a dreadlocked gentleman, emerging from said car, yelled very loudly, "Hey, man, you got me!"  The blood left my body.  


"You got me buddy... hahaha..."  

Then, he pointed at the skeleton.