Saturday, April 02, 2022

Make No Sense Random Blabber #5150

Me: *Sets phone alarm for early Sunday morning.*

Phone: *Tells me how much time until the alarm.*

Me: "Never tell me the odds!"

Soon after I left the house this morning, my 'Change Oil Soon' light came on.  Fine.  It's about time for it, anyway.  I'll grab some oil on the way home and change it.

Just a few minutes later, the 'Tire Low' alarm comes on.  Fine.  I'll check the air in the tires.

Got the oil.  Got home.  Did the oil change.

Fired up the compressor and aired the tires.  Noticed 2 of my other vehicles have flats.  Aired them up.

Started supper.  Got a shower.  Finishing supper now.  Waiting for the 'ding' of an egg timer.