Sunday, March 27, 2022

Nazis and Insurrectionista Ramble

Vladimir Putin learned a valuable lesson in 2020.  Watching American 'authorities' do absolutely nothing as innocent people were beaten and killed, their property stolen or destroyed, he learned that all you have to do is claim you were fighting 'nazis' to justify it.  Want to take something from someone, destroy it, or even take their life?  Just call them 'fascists'.  Never mind that the very actions you take make you what you accuse your victims of being.

Obviously, the elections were fair, though, right?  Putin, er, I mean Biden, was 'democratically' elected, right?  I'd LMAO if it weren't so sad.  Effectively, Biden's no worse than Trump.

Uh, oh.

Listen... inflation ain't new.  It's just getting dangerously close to hyperinflation, and the absent-brains are starting to see it at the store.  Every event in the world will be blamed for it, instead of the insane debt-based monetary policy that actually causes it.  Trump did nothing to correct the issue, nor have any of his predecessors.

Parts of Ukraine are being rocketed, bombed and otherwise blown to oblivion.  Yeah, it was most likely inevitable, due to the ambitions of that little man.  But the people who make excuses for him in Russia are the same kind of people who made excuses for the rioters in 2020, the invasion of Iraq, the erosion of rights, etc...  Name some horror and those type of people will blindly support it, if their party is for it.