Monday, March 28, 2022

Hot Water

Time's running out, and there's still a lot to do.  It's already after 8.  Bed's calling.

It's so nice to take a long, hot shower.  I ran the water a long time.  I was surprised I didn't run all of the hot water out of the heater.

In the past, I've had to work on both my well pump and hot water heater to restore hot water for a shower.  Seems like if either of them are going to fail, that's when they choose to do so.  Having that hot water suddenly felt like such a luxury.

For some reason, that made me think of the fragility of civilization. Hot water can be gone in minutes.  All of the things we take for granted can be gone so quickly.  

That's my thought for tonight.  Not much to it.  Sorry.