Saturday, July 10, 2021

Looking Around

Understanding motivation provides a particularly unique and difficult challenge when perspective is unfamiliar.  Life's roller coaster occasionally puts cars at the same height, but, even then, they might not be on the same track and can be going opposite directions.  It's too easy to discount as unintelligible when the origin of the other view seems incomprehensible.

I've had a morning nap and find myself a bit introspective.  Another cup of coffee might help.  *Rubs eyes* 


Coffee's on.  I've leave this and finish it after a few sips.  Clarity often comes with caffeine.


A few sips in, and the only thing coming to mind is that too much analysis finds shapes in the dots that only exist in the imagination of the analyst.  Take the input as it comes and sort the data only if necessary.  Otherwise, just live and enjoy the comedy of randomness.