Sunday, July 04, 2021


Two hundred and forty-five years ago, Thomas Jefferson, charged with drafting a document capable of explaining to the rest of the world why the states making up the British colonies in the Americas would break from the United Kingdom, presented the final parchment to his fellow members of the Continental Congress.  Signing this document meant high treason.  Some even suggested it was signing their own death warrant.  To some, it was.

Today, there is very little resemblance between the ideals put forward in that document and our current bureaucratic government.  There are always two steps forward and three steps back.  Will the Republic last another 245 years?  

We've replaced the British monarch with a handful of super-wealthy families.  These folks are so powerful that even billionaires grovel to them.  We've allowed them to requisition the military forces of our nation, creating standing armies for the protection of their power.  It may not even be possible to slough off their influence.

I believe it's possible.  Were it not, there wouldn't be such an outright attempt to divide the country.  The USA still stands.  This is a threat to power.  Were the people of the country to realize this, we could unite to remove this corrupting force, once again.