Sunday, March 28, 2021

Long Naps and Unmotivated Stretching

I laid down on the couch at 4pm, yesterday, to take a nap.  It wasn't until about 5am this morning that I finally stirred to life.  I did get up at some point during the night to hit the head and get a snack from the kitchen, but sat back down on the couch only to immediately lose consciousness, again.

Whatever was on the TV gave me weird dreams.  My head feels like birds came in during the night and attempted to nest multiple times.  Can dreams adopt the frame rate of a television set?

The ceiling fan is on.  Yesterday afternoon was a little warm.  Those things probably contributed to the sleepiness.  

3 cups of coffee in, and I still feel like a nap.  I need motivation.  Outside looks a little dark and sleepy.