Friday, March 12, 2021

Don't Let Me Get Too Deep

I know I don't always do the right thing.  I often say or do the wrong thing.  At least, however, I don't do the terrible thing.

An effort is always made to avoid the worst negative effects on others.  If it makes me look bad, so be it.  I'm picturing the trolley dilemma, only there are multiple tracks and I'm on one of them.  Sometimes with another person.  I don't know why that makes me feel better.

Call it the Golden Rule, Matthew 7:12, or however your belief system refers to treating others as you want them to treat you, I'd like to survive without taking from or hurting anyone else.  I'm convinced that's the only way humanity can co-exist.  Maybe that's just my upbringing.  Maybe I'm wrong.

As tempting as it may be to simply take what appears to bring happiness, it's better, I think, to make sure you don't hurt someone by doing so.  I feel like that's what I have to do, even if it hurts me.  Self-denial always seems to hurt, anyway.

I'm sure that's probably some sort of pathology.  It's not masochism, because I don't enjoy denying myself in the least.  I may be a glutton, at times, but I'm no glutton for punishment.

Glancing up at what has been typed, there are a lot of "I"s.  That's a bit disturbing.  This should probably be ended before the BS gets too deep.