Sunday, January 03, 2021

You "Protest"

Speaking truth to power has always meant serious repercussions for any average person.  Only in the last couple of centuries has that freedom been granted any kind of reprieve.  Sadly, it's only been selective and temporary.

Sure, you can still exercise the right to complain about those assuming power in the world.  Nothing will happen.  Unless you manage to inspire others, or otherwise inconvenience those in power, all will be well.

Threaten to actually achieve some meaningful action of disdain, though, and that will change.  Expressions change.  Scowls appear, and suddenly life becomes more difficult.

Try it.  See what happens.  Use your logic and challenge power.  All the petty fighting you've ever seen in bureaucracy pales in comparison to what will come your way.

You can burn down half the world, and no one will do anything to you if what you're doing doesn't threaten the powers that be.  Kill, steal and pervert everything that's ever been holy; they won't care.  Step over that line and make a difference, though, and you'll know it.