Tuesday, August 18, 2020

More Rockets!

One of these days, I've got to get down to Florida to watch 'em light off one of those bottle rockets they've been shooting up into space on a near-weekly basis. SpaceX launched another batch of their internet satellites this morning on a Falcon 9 rocket. I've heard the experience is pretty awe-inspiring. That kind of thing is interesting to me, anyway.

I really wanted to go down and watch the first manned launch, earlier this year. Political and social events prevented that from being feasible. As with most bureaucratic nonsense, the rule making it difficult for me to travel was later changed, of course, for the benefit of the rule-makers, but not in time to see the launch.

I may get down to see one, someday. It just won't be the first, again. I'm sure the experience will still be cool, nonetheless.

As more of these are launched, the future of space travel seems to get brighter. It won't be long before we see regular manned flights, again. This kind of thing is what gives me hope for the future of mankind.