Saturday, May 16, 2020

Value of Hard Work

Those who would give away what they never earned have never had to do hard work. They've never been required to figure out how to move thousands of awkward pounds with nothing but their own muscle and brains, just for the opportunity to eat. If so, they'd never throw those hard-earned resources at untried ideas.

Math is best learned in practicality and elegant minimum movements. There's no "let's try this", there's only what works and what doesn't. If you can, you learn by watching. If no examples are available, you learn quickly not to waste time, energy and any other resources on anything that won't work.

No, people shouldn't be forced to do any hard labor, but spending time in your youth earning your place in the world with a little elbow grease is a great idea. Realizing how hard even mundane tasks can be teaches valuable humility. Without that experience, anyone trying to solve problems is at a great disadvantage. They may even start to believe that the hardest work they do is the hardest that can be done. They may not even know how ridiculous that makes them look.