Friday, May 22, 2020

The Longest Weekend

Another Friday happened. That means there's a weekend. And guess what? There's an EXTRA day after the weekend!

What kind of awesome madness is this? To what do we owe this extra time away from work? It's Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day was once a very somber holiday, providing time for reflecting on the harsh, irreplaceable sacrifices of war. The day was dedicated to the memory of those lost defending Liberty, whether in victory or in vain, and the tragic inability to fill the gap they left. Being mercifully separated from the devastatingly large losses in the great wars, that kind of memorial has lost favor.

Today, the holiday is less somber and more of a celebration. We're extremely blessed to have gone this long without the escalation that usually comes with war. It's worth celebrating.

There are those, though, still fighting for their lives and liberty around the world. It's probably good to remember them, this weekend. They may not be around for another.