Sunday, May 17, 2020

Public Launches of Secrets to Space

Just got through watching the latest live streamed launch of the X-37B spacecraft on an Atlas V rocket. The X-37B has been launched 6 times, now. This was a US Space Force launch, the second launch since the inception of the USSF, and the first launch of the X-37B under its supervision.

X-37B has been going to space for a decade. What it's doing up there isn't publicly known. The unmanned space shuttle typically spends well over a year in orbit.

In a couple of weeks, the US will be sending its first men to space since the last launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, back in July of 2011. My guess is that the classified items the shuttle once took to orbit have been delivered by X-37Bs for the last 9 years. Whatever the craft is taking up there, there's usually not very long periods of time without one in orbit. The Dragon capsules aren't designed for much more than humans and supplies, so the X-37B will probably remain in service.

Sorry if this has been pretty bad stream of consciousness. This space stuff gets me, though. It's refreshing to see people looking up and out.