Sunday, March 15, 2020

Riding Sound Waves

Music is a deliverer. The resonant frequencies propagating in the air have some property capable of triggering the release of chemicals in the brain. It's almost as if the music feels you more than you feel it.

There are theories about music. Western music theory is the basis for most of what populates the data cells of current musical expression. While this, and others, give a wire-frame to the structure, there is a profound metaphysical component yet to be successfully explored.

For recorded human history, philosophers have posited that music is more powerful than any verbal dictate, going as far as suggesting that any regime attempting to retain power would be forced to subjugate music. Music has been weaponized, in the past. It's been used as a nearly indefatigable source of inspiration, as well.

Human ears send more than we know to our brains. What other waveforms or transmissions are we missing? What kind of unintentional data are we transmitting? It would almost have to be capable of amazing things.