Sunday, February 02, 2020

The Night that the Lights Went Out in Cahaba

It may make them disappear, but if you go back in the broad daylight, on a clear, sunny day, you can find them, again. The twilight-disguised maze kept its secrets hidden, then, but not more than 20' from the log, which blocked the way a few weeks ago, stands the ruins of my late friend's abode. I drove over there a little after noon, today, got out and walked over. Somehow, it's not quite as unnervingly invisible with the Sun directly overhead.

One night, 15 years ago or so, a friend and I drove to this spot, checking to see if the friend living there wanted to get into some mischief. We climbed the steps to his door and I balled my fist to knock. Just as my hand hit the door, all the lights went out.

From inside, my buddy's profanity erupted as he opened the door, inquiring, with little subtlety, what we had done to his power. Before any of us had time to respond, sparks flew from the top of a nearby light pole, showering the ground with light and fire.

Soon, the fire department arrived, and the decision to cut power to the whole park was made. While waiting for the power to be shut off, the firemen waited in the yard and adult beverages were offered. Time has deprived me the pleasure of remembering their exact response, but it was colorful. After many beverages, the power was out, water was sprayed at the top of the pole, putting out the fire, whereupon the crew was offered adult beverages, once more.

I seem to remember law enforcement threatening imprisonment. It also seems there was something to do with knives. That was a fun night.

Here's a picture of that light pole as it looked when I found it today: