Sunday, June 09, 2019

Making Points

You can be engaged with the Socratic method, yet never willingly see your fallacy. Cordiality regresses into confrontation. Conversation quickens and raised voices begin to alarm some rudimentary instinct.

Blood pressures rise.

Too much is invested in what you believe. Too much time, too much money, too much sacrifice to admit it was all in vain. So, just pile some more wasted time, money and sacrifice on top of it and burn it all, right?

You're too cool for all that, though. You'll never be bested, even when you're wrong. Use their true passion against them.

Maybe you had true passion, once; now, it's all used up in your vanity. Not typical vanity, but a self-righteous imagination. Stay sane, you'll win.

The win, though, is all superficial. Your ID knows you lost. Subconsciously, you're losing.

You're losing more than arguments.

You're moving back from an impressionist system. Some sort of truth is coming together. A picture is forming. You know your constellations are gone, forever.