Saturday, February 16, 2019


I like when people are passionate about something. Even if I'm not passionate about what they are, or if what they're on fire for is something I completely disagree with, I feel like their passion means they have hope. Being driven to passion indicates there's a desire to be linked with some truth.

I dislike when people are passionate with a manipulative pretense. You'll hear someone excitedly talking about a subject to one person, then completely deny any interest in the subject when speaking with someone else. They'll even go as far as claiming to be interested in something completely different when it appears that opinion will make them look better. It's impossible for me to respect someone like that.

You see that a lot in politicians and in 'leadership'. They switch sides and speak with just as much simulated emotion about their new 'passion' as they did the old one. There's never a good explanation for the change. It's just like flipping a switch. To me, that's exactly the same as having no passions at all, maybe even worse.

Innovators tend to be passionate. People who love you the most are passionate. Passion keeps you healthy and colors your face. The world needs more real, thoughtful passion.