Sunday, January 06, 2019

Brain Calculator

Not everyone's brain works the same. That's probably a good thing. What a boring place the world would be if everyone's thought processes were identical.

It's why some people can figure things out that others believe are imperceptible. Those people just have a different method for processing the data their senses detect. It's not supernatural at all; it's completely normal.

If brains were calculators, it would be as if their brains were operating in different modes. For example, most people might operate their brains in standard mode more often. They can very quickly and easily find solutions to basic operations, when given enough data. Others, however, may leave their brains in scientific mode most of the time. It may take them a few more minutes, but they can use less information to find the solution. Still, others might keep it in graphic mode. Those freaks usually just draw dirty pictures, though.

When you see someone figure out a solution without enough data, seeming to almost divine the answer, maybe they aren't going about it the same as you would. That uncanny logic can seem like wizardry. It's not magic, though. Maybe their brain calculator is just in a different mode. Maybe programmer mode?