Saturday, October 10, 2015

Who am I?

When Stacy Bridges asks the nameless man Clint Eastwood plays in High Plains Drifter, "Who are you?", it makes me ask myself that same question: Who am I? I think I'm more the person on this blog than the person you meet when you meet me for the first time. I'm probably more the person on this blog than the person you know if you've known me for a while.

I think it's because there is always a sort of body language conversation going on when you are there talking with someone in the flesh that doesn't come into play in text. Your body language will change, sometimes, if you are nervous or distracted and make the words you say seem to mean something completely different than what you intended. The text is just the text... there is no looking down, bouncing your leg, looking around or other things that might make a person misunderstand what you are saying.

Eastwood's character's body language is direct and unaffected. It's as if the essence of the dead Marshall has just materialized in the town to correct the wrongs. Stacy Bridges, played by Geoffrey Lewis (one of my favorite character players of all time) is all body language and façade, until the last seconds of his life, when he asks, "Who are you?"

That's who he was all along: a scared, insecure man who mistreated and bossed everyone around to prove he was what he believed he wasn't. He needed to have a blog.