Friday, December 30, 2011

The Last Wag of the Old Media

For many years, the TV, radio and print media has dominated public opinion. If it was on TV, people would take it as fact. If you could read it in the paper, it was 'in black and white'. Like a the tail of a pointer, the media was largely seen as accurate and true.

However, as long as it has existed, the media has used that reliance to mislead the public; Read 1984. If the media couldn't wag the tail, it would use the tail to wag the dog. This is true today.

The vestigial tail we recognize as the old media is in trouble. With the advent of real-time internet and wireless data, the old tail is having a harder and harder time wagging the dog. It has become obsolete. It is losing its supply of blood and turning an ominous shade. Before long, it will dry up and fall off.

Until it does, however, it will continue to try to wag. That wagging is becoming more and more futile as newer, freer media takes over as the source of news for most people. But wag it still does.

You need only watch the cable 'news' networks to watch the frantic, panic-stricken wagging of this old, dried up stump. More accurate and well-sourced news outlets are putting the rubber bands around it, drying it up even more quickly. In a desperate attempt to stay relevant, they update websites, yet still post the same tired, old, and slanted stories. They have no idea which way to point the tail, and it is flailing wildly.

The only thing keeping it alive are the infusions of cash from those who have long counted on it to keep public opinion on their side and away from the real issues. Even this cash infusion isn't enough, anymore. The people are seeing the rotting, decaying hunk of faux-journalistic mess for what it is: unnecessary.

They may be able to keep it moving for a while, but not forever. True, there are still those who refuse to use the internet, or won't believe the 'trusted' allies on their network of choice are lying to their faces. Still, as long as there are so many accurate sources popping up in the free press that aren't controlled, those numbers will continue to decline.

The Ron Paul rEVOLution is doing a good bit of work towards cutting the old thing off. With little to no coverage, Paul has moved into the top GOP hopefuls, and actually leads many scientific polls. This 2012 election is going to be the last hurrah... the last 'wag', if you will, of the old media.

The tail will soon be gone, and good riddance.

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