Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You Should Have Campaigned for Ron Paul

Ron Paul has really helped me open my eyes to true Liberty. His behavior in debates from 2007-2008 really won me over. I've listened to libertarians, voted for a couple in the past, but have never really been moved to action like I was for Paul. The campaign made me believe in Liberty, really BELIEVE. Not just say it like some sort of mantra with a forgotten meaning, but mean it and preach it.

Over the course of the campaign, it was amazing to see the number of people who's eyes were opened to liberty. It was like they were taking invisible blinders off. People would actually blink and look around like they could see for the first time in their lives. He really knocked the dust off of the concept and lit that torch in Lady Liberty's hand.

The career politico-types scurried away or flipped and flopped like cockroaches exposed, suddenly, to the daylight. Some of them, imitating injured creatures of the night, struck out against the light, attempting, in vain, to quench it. Thankfully, they failed, and, ironically, may have fanned the flames.

Like many inspired by 08, I've been nose-deep in books about liberty, and lately, in liberty history. Reading articles like those in the 1800's magazine, Liberty, is like seeing humanity desperately crawling further out from under the imposing rocks of tyranny. It's been very fulfilling to read the writings of 1800s abolitionists who were some of the liberty torch-bearers of their day. The turn of the century anarcho-feminists were some of the most inspiring and hard-core liberty writers.

I was somewhat discouraged to read an article or two, written by people who say they count those Victorian libertarians as heroes, which contain disparaging descriptions of Dr. Paul. These writers state that Paul didn't measure up to their ideals. They are free to have their opinions, no matter how misguided I believe those opinions to be, but, if they had participated, they would have had a great sense of fulfillment instead of the empty negativity.

He really did inspire me, and, no matter what happens, I will always be an advocate of liberty. No one is perfect. If tomorrow he came out against freedom, endorsing a national socialist, a communist or some neo-con (not too friggin' likely), I'd still be pro-liberty, and it would still be thanks, in part, to Ron Paul.

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