Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy John Hancock's Birthday!

Everyone knows about the first president under the US Constitution, George Washington, but, other than his gigantic signature, what do you know about John Hancock? Did you know that he was the president of our government when congress signed the Declaration of Independence, making him the first president of our independent nation? Did you know that he owned the Liberty, the ship upon which the first act of defiance against Great Britian occurred before the Revolutionary War?

It's true! No one was killed, but some British agents were roughed up a bit when they tried to illegally search his ship. Liberty was carrying wine, and the Brits suspected Hancock of offloading some of it without paying taxes, making him a controlled substance smuggler.

He also presided over the meeting in Boston that sparked the Boston Tea Party. He didn't participate, having gout at the time, but it's said he told the men to 'do what you will'. He was also one of the men reportedly singled out for arrest the night Revere rode out, letting the nation know that 'the British are coming!'

There's a lot more cool facts about Hancock. Look 'im up.

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