Sunday, December 13, 2009

For Freedom

The more I read, and the more I understand about how government works, especially on the national level, the more I realize that we've really fallen asleep at the wheel. We've become so complacent and apathetic that we wouldn't even know what to do if someone plopped incriminating evidence against our beloved political pundits and representatives in our laps, which some are TRYING to do. We're so arrogant, yet lazy, that we'd rather pretend we're not being defrauded than admit it, or, much less, actually DO something about it.

I am going to tell as many people, give them the evidence, and tell them where to find more evidence. If they ignore it, or write me off, so be it. We don't need to sacrifice the core principle upon which our country was founded FOR ANY REASON. If I don't share what I know, I'm as big a part of the problem as all the lazy, apathetic people who are blissfully ignorant.

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