Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have been watching mealy-mouthed politicians and pundits moan, mock, fight and tell outright lies about the Federal Reserve Transparency act for months, now. WHY don't the snakes like Senator Judd Gregg (NH) want us to know who's getting the money from FedRes? WHY are they fighting it so hard? WHY are former FedRes governors like Frederic Mishkin making outright false statements about what the bill will do? WHY are they fear mongering?

I hope when we finally break down the doors to the crooked, greedy, malevolent farce that named itself 'Federal Reserve' we can find all the dirt on these sorry, lying, deceitful and wicked whores who fought the audit. Fight the American People while you can, Gregg and Mishkin... If the evidence against you is as obvious as your pitiful lies, you're doomed to spend the rest of your life in prison, if they don't execute you for treason!

I, like so many other Americans, WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE MONEY IS REALLY GOING!!! And YOU WILL TELL US, you bunch of slack-jawed hyenas, YOU WILL TELL US!

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