Tuesday, September 02, 2008

McCain 'reaches out' to RP Supporters

This article claims that the RNC is trying to reach out to Ron Paul supporters by obtaining their names from the Campaign for Liberty. They don't want to reach out to us at all. They just want the names of the Ron Paul delegates to the Republican National Convention. Ron Paul himself has not been allowed to speak at the RNC. They want to bar as many Ron Paul people from the convention as possible. Why? Because they are unAmerican, thuggish hacks trying to manipulate the party for their own nefarious self-interests.

The Rally for the Republic will have MORE attendees than the RNC, MORE Republican values discussed, MORE open discussion and MORE relevance to the current situation of our country than either of the other 2 parties that the media drools over. I only wish I could be there. I made plans to attend but had to change them due to transportation issues. The R4TR will be the most important political event of the year, and I doubt you'll even see it on the news. How's that for 'Fair and Balanced'?

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