Monday, August 11, 2008

More on War with Russia...

A US led military exercise took place in Georgia shortly before the Georgian troops moved into South Osettia. The exercise, code-named "Operation Immediate Response", involved 1,000 American soldiers. The exercise simulated the Georgian response to an invasion.

Back in April, a Russian Mig shot down a UAV supplied to Georgia, ruffling feathers in Washington.

There is no information being supplied regarding the whereabouts of American troops in Georgia. It is unlikely that the forces and advisers would have been extracted before hostilities began, as they have been present in Georgia since 2002.

An article in the New American back in 2002 warns of a US-Georgian quagmire. However, it incorrectly assumes that the US would back then-Georgian President Shevardnadze. The New American reported that Col. Otar Shalikashvili, then assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Defense, would lead the US troops being sent to Georgia. Less than a year later, the American-eduated Mikheil Saakashvili would storm Georgian parliament, claiming the Presidency.

In 2006, an assasin came within 20 yards of Saakashvili and Bush when he lobbed a live grenade at the pair as they were speaking in the Georgian capitol, Tbilisi. The grenade failed to detonate.

In 2005, the Russian propaganda rag, Pravda, accused the USA of attempting to 'add another Georgia to it's map'.

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