Friday, August 01, 2008

Is this what we want in America?

I have often warned people that allowing police to stop people for violating the seatbelt law was a blatant privacy violation, among other rights violations, and that it would lead to further violations. I've often warned that if we allow this continue it won't stop there. If they MUST be able to see into your vehicle in order to make sure you're not breaking the law, won't they go next for your home? After all, you are far more likely to have a weapon, drugs or be engaged in illegal activities in your home. Logic dictatest that getting a clear view into your home WILL BE NEXT.

In the UK, the proving grounds for cancerous nanny-state legislation, there are helicopters flying overhead to see if your house puts out too much heat, a sure sign you're cooking up drugs... right? Here's the story. If the homeowner hadn't been a police officer, herself, and at home at the time of the raid, police would have forced entry into her home and ransacked the place. They ransacked the place, anyway, but found nothing. The police blamed 'poor insulation' for the false positive, although a home inspector, required in the UK for energy efficiency, found nothing wrong with the insulation. Apparently, if you have too much fluorescent lighting in your home, you might just get your door kicked in.

Now, it's long been known that TV detection vehicles prowl the streets of the UK, searching for 'unauthorized TV viewing', and now they even have hand held devices for doing so. But less publicized is the fact that they have used LEXID and similar wall-penetrating imaging devices in law enforcement. A report several years back implicated several officers who abused the technology by spying on the female neighbor of a suspected criminal. Their spying would have gone unnoticed, had not the officers called the woman and told her the color of her undergarments.

Countless nanny-state laws are trickling into our nation. The state-controlled media of the UK constantly tell viewers that the people WANT nanny-state laws. The propaganda is spreading to the US via outlets like FOX news, owned by the same man, Rupert Murdoch, who owns the British SKY news. It doesn't come all in one dose, though, it comes in small increments.

For example, in 2002 and the aftermath of 9/11, FOX News and the other corporate news outlets were pushing for RFID (Radio Frequency ID) chipping, running propaganda stories in favor of doing so. I remember vividly the practiced actor-like parents from Florida that had chosen to chip their whole family. On the surface, they made the RFID chips seem like a good idea to help keep up with family members, to identify you in case of an accident, etc. RFID chips, however, are the penultimate goal of nanny-staters before their goal of achieving the control and monitoring of everything and are also known to cause cancer!

What kinds of things are already being done that we don't even know about? Are these the kinds of things we will eventually accept in our country? Can you imagine mounted police in the 19th century chasing people down to tell them their saddle or the seat on their wagon wasn't safe or legal and then trying to impose a fine? What an outrage that would have been! What nanny-state policies will we someday accept that today we find abhorrent?

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