Friday, August 29, 2008

FEMA 'Staging Area' in Selma

These are some pictures taken back in June. There are more trailers there, now, as well as a lot more pipe and conduit. The little prefab buildings that are stacked on top of each other have signs reading, "Do Not Enter", but are inside the fence reading "US Property - No Tresspassing". A person who works for FEMA a the location stated that they might be sleepers for the truck drivers who do quick turnarounds.

There aren't many pictures of the full-size trailers at the Selfield facility, although they make up the majority of the trailers at the location. They are too far off the highway to photograph easily. There is also a large metal building in the center of the facility that isn't pictured. More trailers are arriving daily. Some have been parked in other areas of the city. There are several trailers parked beside Wallace Community College, several down Dallas Avenue past the city limits, and a few others scattered about.

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