Monday, August 27, 2007


I still continue to be libelled over at the pseudo-zine. They've called me all sorts of names and desparaged my character. Were I not amused by it, and perhaps a more litigious person, I might feel compelled to take legal action.

I'm a pretty outspoken person when I'm concerned about something, as most people are. But, in this case, because I chose to defend my point of view, I was labelled a 'whiner'. That's a strange, and somewhat desperate attack, methinks. By those standards, I guess the signers of the Declaration of Independence were 'whiners', too.

Although they 'banned' me, they apparently still read my submissions, although they don't post them. This is the latest I submitted in defense of myself:

"You're wrong.

I'm flattered you researched me, but you didn't dig deep enough. I supported the invasion of Iraq. I was just as pissed as everyone else. I know it's not the Libertarian party line. Ron Paul was correct in his opposition of it, I now concede. I remember being at LP meetings arguing FOR invasion. I've never claimed to support every plank in the Libertarian party platform. I'm a registered Republican, although I have voted for Libertarians in elections where I thought their candidate was the better choice. (John Sophocleus for Governor of Alabama is one very good example.)

Call me a whiner if you will, one more name couldn't hurt, right? I disagree with you, but accept your right to your opinion. You have the right to censor me in any way you wish. This is your site. Just don't pretend to ride a high horse of conservatism while suppressing the free expression of ideas.

While I will abstain from calling anyone names, I will give a name to every argument made against me on this page:

I think the whole site is weak. And the fake comments... It looks like one person commenting over and over, with fake names like, 'John Q.', 'Watcher' and 'LibertyandJustice'... I find it somewhat insulting to my intellect, yet oddly amusing.

AND I always find it amusing when people who've placed themselves on such a high platform of morality resort to the sophomoric tactic of namecalling!

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