Thursday, December 21, 2006

Castles and Dead Batteries

I had a dream about a castle up in the mountains, last night. I dreamed I went to go look at it, and it started snowing while I was there! The bedroom was at the top of a turret, and you could see for miles, as the castle was on top of a hill.

In the dream, it was once a monastary. A few monks still did the upkeep, but it was getting too much for them, or something. I got so worked up about the snow, it awakened me, and I realized it was just a dream.

Jamie came by yesterday. I put a new battery in the Mustang Friday, as it's been sitting up for a month or two, and it died. But when I went to crank it Sunday, it was dead again! I charged up the battery, and thought I found where the power was draining. A neon light tube Jamie gave me a while back was still plugged into the cigarette lighter. I unplugged it, and reattached the battery cables. It cranked right up. Jamie and I hopped in, dropping the top, going for a ride.

We rode down Highway 80 for a few miles, and then turned around, coming back. Before we reached the house, I turned off on Old Marion Junction road, taking the back way home. It was a mistake. The car sputtered and died.

I think there is an electrical short somewhere. That's the only explaination I can think of to explain why the new battery would die after sitting for only 2 days. I guess I'll start trying to find the short after Christmas.

Always something, you know?