Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Quick Draw Shogun

I love friggen Japanese steakhouses. American Japanese steakhouses. The ones in Japan weren't as cool. lol. Those hibachi chefs are awesome. They're like stand-up comics, who cook. I've said they're like a cross between Ghallager and a pyromaniac Iron Chef. I'd eat there every day if we had one in Selma. I'm not too big on the sushi bar side, but the hibachi side is cool. Sushi is better in Japan.

Matt and I went to Shogun Sunday night. It's been a year or so since I've been. We made the dude do the volcano. I know they all pretty much do the same stuff, but it's cool, anyway. Our guy was goofy-funny. When the little native broccoli man was running around the volcano, he just kept running him around, and making weird noises for him. Then, he made the long, drawn-out yell noise as he dropped him off the skewer and into the volcano.

When I get rich, I'm gonna hire a hibachi chef shogun to fix my supper. lol.