Friday, March 24, 2023

The End of Papaw

Papaw is gone.  No, not my Grandfather... He's been gone since 1979.  I'm talking about the John Deere tractor I've owned for nearly two decades.  My girlfriend nicknamed him 'Papaw'.  

For the last half dozen years, or so, he's been sitting in my side yard, collecting moss.  Before that, he faithfully bush hogged the grass for years.  He'd even tote me over to my parents' house from time to time.

A new clutch was put in, right after which a bolt backed out of the flywheel.  Breaking it open again twice for the same job wasn't fun.  Less than a season later, the starter went out.  

I was bush hogging when it bogged down and shut off, failing to restart.  I pulled it back to the side yard, and that's where he sat.  I kept putting off breaking it open, again, since it's a bit involved, and years passed.

Don't have to worry about that, anymore.  A neighbor bought him.  Another neighbor's going to get it working for him.  Papaw will useful, once again... just not to me!