Thursday, February 16, 2023

Silence of the HAL

Artificial intelligence gets a lot of attention on electronic media, these days.  What they tout as 'intelligence' might be a stretch.  Seems like they're simply programmed to take previously created items and rearrange them into a somewhat comprehensible product, using a predefined set of conventions.

True AI would be able to come up with its own ideas.  It may or may not be logical.  It might not be comprehensible, either.  If it's responding to a human, it may choose to communicate in a way that could be understood by humans, but it may not.

Listening to the rain randomly tap on various objects and structures outside, right now, the thought pops into my head that an AI might choose to communicate in that manner.  Noises mean things to every life form.  Everything on Earth makes, hears or feels some sort of vibration.

My guess, though, is that, after observing everything, it will choose to say nothing, ever.  Most of our known universe, which is all we can teach it, is silent.  There may not be enough data to create any output.