Wednesday, February 08, 2023

"New" Data

Nobody really knows for certain what's going to happen.  Too many variables fill life.  If the data's all lined up, though, you can get pretty close.

Problems arise when data is willfully ignored.  A wise man once told me, "People will believe what they want to believe."  It's true, too.  Regardless of the observable contradictions, cognitive dissonance prevails, almost exclusively.

Answers often lie outside preconceptions.  Thinking outside the box is okay.  It's just not ALWAYS outside the box where the solution lies.  Unless the issue is particularly difficult and lacking in data, it's probably already been researched long ago and fairly well established.  

Be wary when anyone claims new and vague 'facts' contradict tested and established logic.  It's okay to ask why things are the way they are.  Just make sure you can understand it well enough to explain it logically.