Monday, February 13, 2023

An Infinite Sea of Stars

And, it's already 8 o'clock.  

Bed's calling, soon.  Too much nonsense bounces around between skull bones, begging to be let out.  Since nobody's listening, working the jaw muscles won't do.

Gotta clickity-clack it all out. At least let enough escape to ease the pressure.  Keep things manageable. 

And, it's already 8:30.

I've allowed television to distract me.  Actually, it's Youtube.  I don't even remember what it was.

The world can be too small.  As soon as that realization hits, it seems too big.  It pushes on in the 4th dimension, barely letting you have grainy recollections of the past.  Some entanglement pulls it all together again, and a sine wave of stability normalizes the orbit.

Hopeful music spills from a surround sound of invisible speakers.  The same tune can be melancholy.  That's all to be dealt with tomorrow, though, a few points down the line.